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NCCR Mediality

Die Nationalen Forschungsschwerpunkte (NFS) sind ein Förderungsmittel des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds.
X. Display
X.1. Displaying the town. Medializations of Urban Space and Time at the Threshold between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

The project focuses on historic patterns of mediating urban space and time in a period, which in media studies is considered to be one of major change, and in cultural studies is regarded more and more as a phase of transition. For this purpose the amazing variety of traditions (chronicles, descriptions, images, maps etc.) spanning the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period will be studied, in particular, those records which explicitly combine temporality and spatiality. Images of towns in chronicles and representations of towns including short historiographic texts will be the basis for an analysis of different modes for displaying a complex phenomenon in its spatial and historical dimensions. In the centre of interest are the logics mediating urbanity, and the interferences and points of inflection between written and pictorial forms of showcasing towns, but also the fundamental limits on the display of towns in their evolved diversity. At the same time the impact of the new technologies on the formation of patterns of representation patterns will be stressed, a matter observed in media and social studies for the age of mass media.